Tech Rehearsal at the Brick!

Tech rehearsals can prove to be pretty complicated for ordinary shows. Outsourced, with its multiple play spaces, live streaming and interactive format is definitely the most logistically complex project we've ever taken on at the One Trick Circus (and that's saying something - Midsummer, anyone?) 

It took a few hours, and the united talents of our awesome production team, but we finally got things running smoothly... And we were rewarded by watching our first ever Gamer (aka Guinea Pig) take on the challenge of saving Annie. Thanks, Craig! 


Costume Fittings

Today we raided the costume closet of Theater for the New City to find the perfect garb for our show's main characters. In addition, we had to work out the logistics of where the actors' cameras would go during the show - in a shirt pocket? Attached to their shoulder? Hand held? So many options... Regardless, with new costumes, we're finally starting to see our Outsourced characters coming to life, which is awesome. 



This week, Ashley, Alex and I are holding auditions for Outsourced. It's incredibly difficult to do this for a devised play, as there's no script yet, just a concept (which admittedly, we've been working on for some time). With that in mind, we're looking for a cast that will work well together (and with us!) and be comfortable with the Circus devising process. The notices have gone out, so let the search begin...

Bad News, Great News!

This week has been turbulent to say the least. The One Trick Circus is no longer producing Outsourced with our original sponsors, Tisch Profunds, due to a number of constraints put on the show, which we feel wold irrevocably hinder the final product. But just as we were looking for the nearest bar to drown our sorrows, we received an email from the Brick Theater in Williamsburg. They've invited us to produce Outsourced as part of Game Play, their annual video game theater festival! So, Outsourced lives on! And we'll be up in Brooklyn come July!

Getting Technical

We're getting close to April - which marks the end of our devising process and the beginning of more traditional rehearsals - which is mildly terrifying and terribly exciting. Somehow, this idea, which until recently has felt admittedly vague and unwieldy, has begun to really take shape. Our latest task is getting hold of all the equipment we need to execute this.

Tech List


Great session with Saleem and Tony today, where we spent time nailing down one of our play's main characters, Steve. We have some great audio from this session, but unfortunately it contains a ton of spoilers! What I can reveal is that a creepy Orwellian vibe has introduced itself into the narrative, and I'm loving it! 

Secrets & Lies

Yesterday's session had us focused on character - in particular, developing character backstories and starting to think about how these would affect the way they interacted with each other in the present. The results were pretty awesome - we've got the beginnings of an eclectic and rather hilarious group of co-workers. Jeff and Eileen make a particularly devious pair.

Overheard at the Circus

So, devising sessions can be inspiring even when we're not actively doing exercises/playing games. During some down time Eileen and I listened as, Tony, Abigail and Jeff had a pretty fascinating discussion about World of Warcraft. I'm not in the know when it comes to WOW, but I love a little nerd talk. And it proved perfect inspiration for some candid dialogue in Outsourced.

Tony's Reflections

Tony sent in a short n' sweet text review of today's devising session:

Lots of fun doing improv. Especially fun discovering the two boxers who run into each other at a cafe and try to be cordial but have all their past brutalities bubbling up. Natural Boy VS Bengal Tiger.

And the countdown continues...