The Real Housewives of Athens

Hello friends!

Welcome to our blog! As of last weekend, the One Trick Circus began work on our first stage production, MIDSUMMER - an adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream - to be performed in just 10 weeks.

With the clock ticking merrily (or perhaps ominously), members of the OTC sat down together to read through the original text, and discuss how we related to this play as young people in the 21st century. Over three hours, an array of weird and wonderful themes emerged - from Brecht at the Jersey Shore, to a washed up lacrosse team to David Tutera dropping acid.

We also unearthed some really cool discoveries - it turns out, Shakespearean verse sounds fabulous in a Long Island accent. Who knew? The overarching theme became our cultural obsession with reality TV, and the parallels between watching a play vs. seeing a piece of "scripted reality", which we'll continue to explore. But Sunday's highlight was this gem*:

Welcome to Shakespeare, One Trick Circus style.


*contains strong language.